10 Wardrobe Essentials EVERY Girl Needs To Know

Denim shorts - classic and go with any colour, you can't go wrong! 
Black boots – want something stylish? Black boots! Want something comfortable? Black boots! Want something to go with that oh-so-weird coloured outfit you bought? Black boots!
Denim jeans – we all love our comfy jeans, so always have them on hand. Couple this together with your plain white or black tee, white sneakers or black boots and ready, set, go!
Plain white tee – need I say any more?
Plain black tee – again, need I say any more?
Black pencil skirt – a stylish pencil skirt perfect for looking sharp at a formal event or around the office. You can easily pair it with any colour shirt, making it the perfect wardrobe essential!
Oversized knit jumper – perfect for a winter date night at home, lounging around or a casual dinner at the local diner. Pair together with some black tights and be ready in minutes.
Trench coat – you can get away with wearing anything under a trench coat, throw one over your PJs and you’re already looking stylish-to-go. The convenience of the trench coat is endless! 
Black pumps – similar to the black boots, the black pumps will go with anything, make you look tall and stylish and go with absolutely every colour you own!
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