100 Ways To Make Money

We're always looking for ways to make some extra cash, especially in the days of isolating. Check our extensive list below for some great ideas you could start today. 
Online Surveys 
One of the easiest ways to make money from home is by doing giving your opinion through online surveys. There are plenty of websites that exist ranging from international websites to localised surveys. 

Review Apps & Websites

Another easy way to make money, you can review apps and website performance through websites like usertesting.com. All you need is a website and to pass a test review and you are ready to earn money while browsing the web!

Watch Online Clips

Through websites like Swagbucks, you can earn while watching a variety of different videos be they movie previews or YouTube videos. Literally money while sitting on the couch or at the desk!


Plenty of businesses and their services offer rewards for referring their services, applications etc. to friends, family or just about anyone.

Cashback schemes

Want to shop and make money at the same time? Now you can! Numerous supermarkets and online apps can allow you to earn rewards for shopping at selected retailers.

Mystery Shopper

Make extra cash and help retailers judge the quality of their goods and services by being a mystery shopper. You can find mystery shopping roles through Seek.com or through numerous apps and websites.

Market Research

There are plenty of companies and websites that are looking for market research for their clients, in many cases are large multinational and Australian corporations. You can make a nice amount of extra cash by completing these at home, on the phone or in-person.


Look after another person’s home by offering yourself as a house-sitter and make some extra cash on the side.


Offer your driveway to travelers by looking after people’s vehicles if they have to leave for a long period of time rather than leaving them at their own home or at the airport unattended.

Pet Sitting

Make your side income by looking after other peoples pets for the day. There are plenty of websites and services you can access to offer you and your home to look after pets.


If you aren’t a big man of pets but love to look after children instead, then the above applies to babysitting as well.


If you love gardening at home, why not take that love and make a profit from it? Offer your gardening services to prospective clients whether through gig websites like Airtasker or through private advertising.


Another simple way to get some extra money is to offer cleaning services to those who don’t have the time and have the money to hire cleaners. It can prove to be a good side hustle for you if you offer a good rate or do an excellent job.

Do Ridesharing

Companies like Uber, Ola and Lyft have come to dominate the personal transport market and have shown themselves to be more convenient and affordable alternatives to the traditional Taxi. Although not nearly as profitable as advertised, you can make enough money being a Uber or Ola driver for it to be worth the hassle.

Food Delivery

Exploit people’s want of convenience by signing up as a food delivery driver. UberEATS, Menulog, Deliveroo and a growing number of businesses exist where you can sign up and earn extra money delivering food to hungry people.

Garage Sale

Got a lot of stuff and want the cash? A garage sale is still a surefire way of making a little extra cash and empty out your closets of unnecessary products, clothes, etc.

Work For Charity

You can sign up to help out charities by being a street collector, which is good if you enjoy working in public and a people-person.

 Sell Your Produce

Do you have a garden that grows fruit and vegetables? Make a few extra bucks by selling off your excess produce to a local market, roadside selling or any other means.


If you need that extra boost of income, you can always go through websites like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to do micro-jobs.

Sausage Sizzle/Community Barbeque

Everybody loves a good sausage sizzle, for Australian readers try organising a sausage sizzle at your local school, community centre or even attempt to get a shot at doing a Bunnings Warehouse sausage sizzle (there is a waiting list, so be aware you might not get it straight away). For Non-Australian readers, attempt a community barbeque where you sell burgers, sausages etc. for a small price and make a little income on the side.

Create Your Own Blog

There has never been a time for would-be bloggers to create their own space. Whether you use a website like Wordpress or another blogging platform, the opportunities are endless

Write For Another Blog

If you don’t want to start your own blog but have the gift of writing, you can always sell your writing skills to other blogs who are looking for work. This can be a profitable avenue and great for any beginner’s writing portfolio.

Article Writer

Want to comment about public affairs, offer your own tips to save money or talk about your own life experience? There are plenty of online publications that are looking for writers to write for them and are willing to pay handsomely.

Creative Writing

Fancy yourself the next J.K Rowling or just looking for a pathway to unleash your creativity? There are plenty of fiction magazines that are looking for freelancers who will buy your creative fiction or short story and publish it.

Grant Writing

There are people everyday who are looking to apply for grants, whether it be arts grants for individuals or business grants for organisations. Many of these individuals and organisations are looking for folks who can write their grant applications for the hopes of getting accepted and you can be that hope!

Resume Writing

With such a competitive job market in Australia (and by extension, the rest of the world), job seekers of all stripes are looking for that competitive edge.

Greeting Card Writing

There are plenty of websites are looking for freelancers who will write their seasonal or themed greeting cards.


Even in the modern age, the art of turning words into beautiful prose and rhyme can still be lucrative. Plenty of magazines, journals and websites will buy your poetry if it is up to scratch.

Business Writing

Like fiction and non-fiction writing, there are plenty of opportunities to write for businesses new or established. You can make money by helping a new business owner write their plan, an established business write out a case study and plenty more opportunities.

Write an eBook

With websites like Amazon.com making sales all the more easier, it’s never been easier to write your own book and sell it on the open market. It can be on whatever subject you choose or have experience in, all it takes is get started by putting ideas to the page!

Write and Sell PDFs

There are plenty of websites that will allow you make a PDF of any type and sell it to prospective buyer for a side income. Starting with this will bring back small returns but can be quite profitable over time. 

Be A Ghost Writer

Plenty of authors who are either working on their own projects or don’t have the time to write their own book go out to other writers to have their works made. You can make this side hustle quite lucrative depending on what type of ghost writing project you attach yourself to.

Content Writer

Websites of all types need to filll their pages with text in one form or another, so business owners or website hosts will go to find people to fill their pages with content, amongst other tasks that fall under the content writer category.

Rent Out A Room

There are plenty of people, be they students or travelers who are looking for inexpensive places to stay for varying periods of time. If you have a spare room, open it to boarders to make some extra cash from rent.

Rent Out Your Home

With the rise of apps like Airbnb, you can turn your home into a money making machine by renting out space for accomodation.

Rent Out Space

Have an empty room in the house? A shed in the backyard that hasn’t been used for years? Turn that space into profit by renting it out to people looking for storage space for their own goods. 

Rent Out Your Parking Space

This option is perfect if you live in or near a crowded city, plenty of drivers are willing give over their money to those willing to rent out their parking space for the day.  

Rent Out Your Car

Have a car that is sitting idle in the driveway? You can now wipe off the dust and rent out your own vehicle for the day for extra earnings while at home.

Rent Out Your Bike

Have a bicycle that is collecting nothing but rust and dust? Rent it out to a student or a prospective renter for a relatively affordable price, perfect for the modern day and age.

Rent Your Unused Items

Let’s face it, we all have items across the home that we don’t use anymore for whatever reason that may be. Why not make a return on that item by renting it out to buyers who are looking for convenience and savings.

Rent Out Your Fence
If you live in a high traffic area, you can rent out your fence or other space for advertising.

Rent Out Space For Business Owners
Co-working spaces are a massive trend in the business world for those operating micro or small businesses. Use that trend to your advantage by renting out your space to a prospective business owner while they are getting their business off the ground.

Rent Out Space For A Billboard

Perfect for people who live near a highway or on a main road, you can rent out your space to companies who want to advertise their services to potential customers.

Rent Out Your Infant Clothing and Items

You might no longer have infants to take care of but plenty of people are, surprise surprise, having babies of their own. If you have any baby clothes, toys or other items laying about then why not rent them to other parents for their own little ones. 

Event Planning

Have experience in planning events like weddings or conferences or think you got what it takes? You can help individuals, couples and organisations of all shapes and sizes plan their events for success and make money in the process.

Travel Planning

You can make money from home by helping aspiring and seasoned travelers plan their trips abroad. This is perfect for those who have a taste for exploring the world or those with a knack to help others have the perfect holiday.

Personal Planning

As the old saying goes: failing to plan is planning to fail. There are numerous ways to make money by helping people plan out an aspect of their lives, which can range from daily scheduling, trips, diet planning and beyond.

Business Planning

Like business writing from earlier, only this time you take matters into your own hands. Business planning can reap lucrative returns for helping businesses plan for success, whether it be their internal organisations or marketing efforts.

Tax Planning

Plenty of business owners of varying colours and stripes are looking for folks to help them do their taxes. If you are one of those people who loves to do taxes or happy to make a side income from helping others with their taxes then this is the avenue for you.

Budget Planning

If you aren’t a big fan of taxes, then scale down the scope to the budgets of businesses or even average folks who aren’t so great their bucks. 

Reselling Items

Resale, otherwise known as flipping; can be an easy way to make a little extra from home. This might take a little effort and some upfront investment as you’ll have to travel to op-shops, two dollar stores or garage sales and then resell the items on online marketplaces like eBay or Gumtree and keep the profit. 


Don’t have the space to storage your items or don’t even have items to sell on the market? Don’t be worried, dropshipping is one of the most popular ways for new business-minded people to start selling on the web. Much like re-selling but rather than going to op-shops or making your own items, you sell goods from Chinese wholesalers at a marked up price and keep the profit.

Sell Your Own Items

Do you love sewing your own clothes or making items from scratch? Selling your own creations has been made simple with the age of the internet. Websites like Etsy and Shopify are great for creating your own online stores and selling them to the world.

Sell Custom T-Shirts

A similar principle to dropshipping, you can sell custom merchandise like T-Shirts to the world and it doesn’t require much effort at all! There are plenty of ways to get the graphics you want for your merchandise whether you make it yourself on free graphic programs like canva.com or buy the design from a freelancer.

Sell Stock Photos

Make money from home by selling those beautiful photos of yours to stock photo websites like Shutterstock or Picfar. You can even sell photos taken from your smartphone through apps like Foto, so you don’t even need an expensive camera to start earning!

Wedding/Event Photographer

Earn money by helping capture the highlight of a meeting or the special moment at the altar by being a freelance photograhper. Although it is a competitive market to enter into, freelance photography is still a lucrative avenue to make extra income on the side.

Edit Photos

Not a fan of taking photos but got the know-how to edit them? You can make money buy offering your services to photographers to do their editing work so you can make their images look beautiful and make little extra cash.

Sell Photo Prints

You can always make a side income by selling your own photography or the photography of others by turning them into prints. You can do this by a print-on-demand eCommerce store, through social media or private sales.

Make A Photo Book

Do you have a wonderful adventure that you photographed extensively? Have access to beautiful photos of your endeavours or your hobbies or just about anything? Then you can

Record and Sell Your Own Music

Do you love playing music? Or do you love music and have plenty of time to kill? Both of these apply when recording and selling your own music on the side. With a plethora of musical apps and programs out there, anyone with a little bit of time and patience can go on to sell their music to consumers. 


Once obscure, now mainstream; podcasting is a favourite for many who are on the go or love listening to their favourite hosts discuss ideas, conduct interviews and much more. A stay-at-home mom can just as easily start a podcast and earn a side income like anyone else, all you need is a microphone and an idea.

 Voice Acting

Have the golden voice? Then there are websites looking for you who will pay you cash to lend your voice! 

Create Audiobooks

Whether you go through one of the many websites, create your own book and then record the audio or sell audio versions of out-of-copyright material; creating audiobooks is a viable way to make income from home.

Build Websites

You can make extra money by helping others make their own websites for them. You can do websign development jobs on numerous freelance websites or private advertising.

Web Design
Rather than just making the website from scratch as above, be the one to design the website itself and fill your wallet with some hard-earned bucks.

Make An App

The Smartphone App, whilst tricky at first to understand, if you have the time and patience to learn then being an App Developer is a perfect, 21st Century route for a side hustle. These days, there are programs and other apps that has made app development easy for everyone!

Buy and Sell Domain Names

With more and more domains being bought for a growing eCommerce market, a convenient way to make extra cash is to buy cheap domain names and resell them to prospective buyers.

Build Shopify Stores

There are many people who are riding the eCommerce wave and you can use that to make money by creating shopify stores for clients.

Buy and Sell eCommerce Stores
Combining the two above options, you can buy already made Shopify stores and either use them to sell products or to build them up and sell them for a profit.

Sell Your Art

If you have the flare of the imaginative and love to create artwork, then you can take your creation and sell it! There are plenty of commercial galleries and auctions that will take good pieces of art and sell them for commission.

Make Digital Artwork

A deviation of graphic designing, but with plenty of programs available you can create artwork from the comfort of an office chair rather than in-front of a canvas.

Apply For A Grant

If you have that artistic flair but don’t have the capital to work on that dream project, there are numerous government and private grants available for artists to apply for. Though competitive, if you have the drive and the passion then you might just get a chance.  

Illustrate Books

There is a thriving market of illustrators who sell their services to illustrate for authors of all types. Why not join that thriving community and start earning some cash for your passion?

Remote Graphic Design Work

A peripheral look at job seeking websites will show you that there are plenty of remote work opportunities ranging from government, non-for-profit and corporate graphic design work. If you don’t have any kind of portfolio, fear not; you can look for remote work through certain websites, freelancing sites or for smaller businesses.

Invest In Stocks

The classic way to make extra money from home since the birth of capitalism, invest your money in profitable stocks and see a long term increase. Though the market is a turbulent place, it may be best to read up on how to safely invest your money before going through with it.


Cryptocurrency trading can be a lucrative way to earn extra money from the comfort of your home. Though unlike stocks or other types of day-trading, the cryptocurrency market is volatile and can be a risky investment so if you are considering this way to make money; take some due diligence.


Do you enjoy working with numbers? There are plenty of businesses big and small who are looking for freelance accountants to help them with their numbers.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

If you have some money to throw around, you can apply to be a part of peer-to-peer lending. This is where people go directly to individuals or companies for money rather than directly through financial institutions or banks. It is perhaps one of the only ways to earn true passive income, so why not give it a look if you got the extra capital to lend.


Virtual Assistant
Everybody needs a helping hand from time to time. Virtual assistant jobs can be found on traditional job search websites, freelancing websites or you can stray onto your own path and create your own virtual assistant business using your own personal website and social media.

Online transcription work is plentiful, you only need to go look for it and you’ll find it. Whether it be through the many freelancing websites or through transcription specific websites like rev.com, you can earn money transcribing audio to text, making subtitles for videos etc. 

Business Consultant

If you have a knack for the business world, why not use your skills to help other businesses either online or in your local area with your talents and experience by being a freelance consultant?


Whether it businesses, students or individuasl in a rush, there are plenty of research income possibilities open for those who want to grab them. You can apply for freelance research jobs, ask around your community or scour the internet to help someone in need of a researcher.

Data Entry

An aspect of the virtual assistant, if you are fine with dull work to make extra cash then data entry jobs are up your alley. They are easy to get into, only require you have a computer with a Word & Excel/Word & Excel esque programs and are plentiful.


Know multiple languages? Use that personal knowledge to your advantage by doing freelance translation work!

Affiliate Marketing

Effectively selling online products for commission, affiliate marketing is great for those who have blogs, websites and social media presence as it will allow you to earn additional income from your side hustle. 

Social Media Strategist
Social media is the lynchpin of modern successful business and, if you are interested in understanding how social media works you can make a successful side hustle in helping businesses advertise.

Email Marketer

Email marketing is still an effective way to get customers to notice your product and to get sales. You can use email marketing to build up a client base for your own side hustle or offer to do it for other businesses for a commission.

Flyer/Pamphlet/Brochure Distributor

You can make extra bucks by distributing brochures that advertise large retailers, flyers for campaigns and pamphlets for charities just to name a few types of possibilities.

Start A YouTube Channel

Despite recent controversies, YouTube is still the best place to make profit from uploading videos whether it is through AdSense or expanding your current business’ social media reach.

Make Instructional Videos In A Trade

In the same manner as online courses or YouTube videos, you can teach a skill through your own website or on YouTube or elsewhere  

Be A Tutor

Have a skill that you can teach others? Being a tutor, whether it is online or in-person can, bring in a nice side income.

Make Online Courses
Not only has selling your talent been easier, it is also easier to teach others your own skills without having to face a single person. Online courses and eLearning have spiked in recent years and as more people consume online learning over the next five years; there is plenty of space to launch your online courses.

Teach A Language

With an ever-expanding and interconnected world, the ability to communicate with one another is vital. You can use that to make extra bucks by teaching English to non-English speakers or, if you know another language well; teach that language to English speakers.

Teach Music

Rather than making your own or reviewing others music, teach music to those who are looking to learn an instrument. Setting up your own website and Facebook page will be imperative.

Personal Training

Not exactly the kind of teaching like those above, but helping people how to train their bodies is just as important as training their minds.

Create A Cookbook

Have a handful of family recipes lying around? There are plenty of ways to make some bucks by creating and selling your own cookbook in a similar way to the photobook, through websites like blurb.com or over Amazon.com.

 Teach Cooking Classes

If you are a master in the kitchen and wish to share your skills, you can teach cooking to prospective buyers in-person or in classes both in-person or online.

Sell Your Baked Goods

If you love baking and need some extra income, then use your passion for baking to create a baking side hustle. You can sell them in-person or you can create an eCommerce store to sell your baked goods to your local and wider communities.

Personal Chef

Sell your passion directly, there are buyers who will hire you out to cook for them as their personal chef! In addition to websites or apps to find clients, use the techniques of eCommerce and online business to advertise your services to willing customers.

Create and Sell Recipes

Think yourself a master of recipes? Then create fresh and unique recipes and sell them on the open marketplace!




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