3 Tips for Minimalist Living: Saving Time and Resources

Besides adding organization and relaxation to your life, minimalism has many benefits to offer. However, if you're only starting your journey to minimalism or are trying to maintain the lifestyle, there are a few setbacks you might face along the way. Here are three useful tips that will help you decide what to keep while decluttering. 


1. Prioritize and challenge yourself


Consider the sentimental and material value of everything in your home. When you're deciding on whether or not to get rid of an item, your first thought might be, "But I'll need this in the future." Do you use the thing now? If not, are you more likely to use it later on? When it comes to keeping something for its sentimental value, consider how much of a positive difference it makes in your day-to-day life. If the happiness it gives you overrides the space it takes up, then it's worth keeping. 


2. Start with the old and end with the new


If you're feeling stuck in the process of decluttering, take a look at the items you've had for the longest amount of time first. It's easier to get rid of a shirt you've had for 10 years than a pair of shoes you bought a few months ago but never wear. Since you have less of a recent attachment to older items, you won't feel guilty about wasting money like you might when getting rid of new stuff. Remember that decluttering not only alleviates stress and is great for your mental health but refreshes your home and keeps you motivated to continue with minimalism. 


3. Only buy quality items


Now that you've cleared out the old items, be selective about the new ones you bring into your home. Try to avoid impulse buying, which will set back the progress you've made. Instead, before purchasing anything, make sure it's something that you need, value, and will have for a long time.


Some minimalists declutter their home and stop there. Others choose to be more extreme and keep items only if they couldn't live without them. The route you take is entirely up to you, and you might change your lifestyle at any time. Just remember to make your minimalist journey one that adds thoughtfulness, contentment, and calmness to your life.


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