Dress Your Best With These Style Tips

In this short article we will be running through a few of the best style tips of all time. As fashion changes so frequently it is hard to keep up, but there are some tips that never go out of style.They are not only timeless, but also able to be utilised with pieces that almost all of us already have in our wardrobe, so no need to buy a whole new range of clothes to look fab! 

Matching can seem daunting, but it is actually easy if you follow a few simple steps. If you check out a colour wheel, easily found online, then you will see the colours opposite each other are complimentary, meaning they can be paired up to look amazing, Having colours paired with neutrals also makes for an excellent outfit choice. Also, if you are looking to wear something that sports a pattern, then keep it to just the one piece and make sure all others, including accessories are not patterned.

You can also mix and match textures, which takes your outfit to a whole other level. Having denim, cotton, corduroy, flannel and silk scattered throughout your wardrobe in simple colours and neutral shades can make for an unforgettable outfit. You don't always have to stick to the same materials for all your clothes. Try and try again to see what works and go from there.

Bras can make your clothes fit better and have you looking slimmer. It may not be widely known, but where your breasts sit have a great effect on how your clothes sit on your body. The ideal location is to have them sitting between your elbows and shoulders, about midway. Having the right style and shape of bra for your personally is easily achieved and can be done in store. Many lingerie stores have assistants who are trained to fit bras so do not take them for granted. Alternatively, make sure you try before you buy so you can at least see what it looks like and ensure there is no unwanted bulges, and so your breasts are not sitting too high or too low. There is so much more we could explore, but these tips are a great jumping off point so that you can look your best always.

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