Get The Most Out Of Your Jeans

They are an essential. Something that we all have in our wardrobe. Since they came about, jeans have developed a style all their own. These denim delights have expanding to many different forms, from the boot leg to the skinny leg, the hipster to the high waisted. For whatever occasion, jeans can be utilised to make the most amazing outfits.  

Start with the cuffs. Stick to these basic rules for cuffed jeans and you can not go wrong. For wide leg jeans, thick cuffs will be perfect. Fold once to one inch and then again to create a two inch cuff. For skinny jeans try a smaller or mini cuff. The bottom of the cuff should sit just above the ankle and should be about one inch at most.Let's talk pockets. The size and shape of the pockets can dramatically change how the jeans look in any certain outfit and on any body shape. Try to get jeans with pockets that are higher and avoid pockets that sit low, where your butt meets your thighs. This will keep your backside looking fit and lifted. But DO NOT invest in jeans with no pockets at all. 

If you are between sizes, opt for the smaller of the two. Denim as a fabric stretches over time and will end up fitting well to your body shape. If you stick with the size up it will always end up looking much too be and loose on you. Jeans come with a label that tells you how to wash them for a reason. They were developed to be worn for a long period of time without staining or smelling and washing as little as possible is the key to keeping your jeans lasting longer. Then, when they do need to be washed, only wash them with other jeans and avoid a harsh wash cycle. Put them in on a delicate cycle with only cold water. You want to avoid fading and this will do the trick.

Finally, for boots avoid a baggy fit. Skinny jeans are perfectly designed to tuck into boots and they look much better this way! These are the best tips to follow when picking a style of jeans to pair with the rest of your clothes and keep them lasting much longer. Stay looking sharp in your jeans by adhering to these simple steps.


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