Quick Tips For Girls On A Budget

Every girl wishes they had a limitless wardrobe, filled with an endless array of up to-the minute fashion choices. But in truth, too many choices lead to fashion fatigue and a sense of having nothing to wear, the paradox of choice can really confuse a girl when she’s trying to look her sartorial best. And let’s face it, who has hundreds of dollars to spend? Follow these five easy tips to make the most of your buying dollars and feel like a fashion star. 
Make classics the foundation of your wardrobe. Stick to fashion masterpieces, including items like a classic blue pair of denim jeans, a fresh, white fitted tee, an elegant, streamlined dress, and a pair of spunky sneakers. They probably won’t change your world, but they’ll set you up for those extra little additions, that take you from simple, to simply fabulous.
Know that it’s okay to re-wear your favourite clothing. Hey, if it’s good enough for an English princess, it’s good enough for you. Wearing something more than once makes good sense, there’s no rule that says you need a new dress every Saturday night. Find your fabulous, then frock up!
 Look at what you already have. If you already own a delicious play suit, ideal for a picnic with friends, it’s not necessary to shop for another one. You’re marvellous as you are.
Consider the fabrics you love. It’s tempting to buy an item because you love the cut or the fabric. But if it makes you hot, or uncomfortable, or is itchy and rough, you don’t want it. Natural fabrics and lightweight textiles are often kinder to your skin.
Consider what you really want. Just because it’s fashionable, or your BFF looks terrific in it, is that a good enough reason to buy one of your own? No. Only buy it if it’s really what you need, want and love.
It’s easy to spend a lot on clothing. And many of us do. But unfortunately, so much of it lays waste in our closets, when a little care and thought can guide us to make a more suitable and creative choice.

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