What To Wear For Valentines Day?

With Valentine’s Day nearly upon us, it’s not surprising that stylish women everywhere are wondering just what to wear for that hot Valentine’s Day date. Whether it’s a quick lunch in the park, or a late evening of culinary delights with a glass (or three) of bubbly, there’s an outfit to suit any romantic activity, whatever time of the night or day. So have no fear; there are so many choices you can pick, without throwing the contents of your closet all over the bedroom floor. Read on for some hot suggestions.
The Simple Meal
Since Valentine’s Day is all about romance, consider a loose, floaty dress with a whimsical, girly print. Let your inner goddess shine as your dress enhances your natural curves. Allow delicate fabric to swirl around you, you’ll create a vision of elegance and confidence that will keep everyone’s eyes firmly focused upon you. If you like something a little more fitted, stay classic with a simple black sheath, perhaps with full length sleeves and an unusual, understated pattern. Let modern, unique jewellery choices allow your look to speak for itself. You’ll be elegant, with a funky twist. Perhaps pants are your favourite fashion choice. Loose fitting, with flattering lines in a vibrant pink, teamed casually with a white, fitted, sleeveless top command attention, without being over the top. It’s a casual look, but it’s always a chic sartorial choice.
For the more daring, how about a fabulous jumpsuit? Timeless and simple, yet a total outfit all by itself. Jumpsuits have a style to suit everybody, from the curvy to the tall and slim. Effortlessly feminine, with the choice of a short or long leg, allowing you to show your assets to the best effect. Consider a wild, outrageous print, or something a little more subdued, either way, you’ve hit a fashion home run.
A Five Star Dinner
If your Valentine’s date has you dining at a high-end restaurant, why not try a long sensuous dress, perhaps with a tasteful frill, or a strapless piece that’s always guaranteed to create a grand entrance. Showing a little skin creates allure, without being cheap. Fabric is important for the most romantic night of the year. Wine-coloured velvet or high drama with a cascading cape, there’s so many show stopping choices. You can frock up as much as you wish, with heels, or more simply with a pair of jewelled sandals. The type of bag you choose can say a lot about who you are. Choose tiny and delicate, filled only with lip stain and keys and you’re the girl who has it all pulled together.
The Lunchtime Picnic
Along with wine, nibbles and chocolates, it’s important to dress for the occasion, so even if you’re snuggled up on a blanket, you’re comfortable, but abundantly chic. A sweet and lovely playsuit in happy pastel blue or a sexy little wrap dress with a floral pattern, and figure enhancing detail will close the deal. Valentine’s Day is special, and with some clever outfit choices, you’ll positively shine this February the 14th.

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